I'm a real estate developer, a feng shui expert, an international speaker and an interior designer. I'm also the owner, headmaster and teacher at Nordic School of Feng Shui, the largest feng shui company in the Northern countries. I'm also a master tailor, daughter of a fisherman with lots of ideas and an entrepreneur for 34 years. 



For larger projects, or when it´s required, I have by my side Susanne Friberg as a marketing coordinator and also a team consisting of an architect, garden designer, coach, business developer, economist and time management consultant. Sometimes it´s necessary to review an entire life situation. Therefore, in addition, we have a therapist, stress therapist, masseuse among others in our team of co-workers. You are not strong on your own, but together we can achieve a lot. 





Susanna Utbult
Sockenvägen 1, 475 31 Öckerö
+46 (0)704 50 57 14

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